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OET for Pharmacist

OET Regular Batch


Kanjirakadans Academy is a prominent and reliable name in English language training. With years of experience and unmatched quality, Kanjirakadans Academy excels in teaching the finest English Language. We provide classes in Nano Batches where the Teacher-Student ratio is 1:10. The high-quality updated materials are supported by expert OET teachers who deliver tutorials and give personalized writing and speaking feedback. Our class timings are from 10:00 AM to 3:30 AM..


• Free Demo Classes

• Individual Attention

• Nano Batch

• Daily Correction for Every Modules.

• Personal Writing Corrections

• One on One Speaking Sessions

• Special Sessions on grammar and vocabulary

• Standardized & Updated Materials

• Weekly Mock Test

• Mock tests

• Exam Booking Assistance

• Air-Conditioned Class Rooms

OET Online

Kanjirakadans Academy provides Online classes specifically designed to help you build your English skills before you take OET. We provide intensive English training to enhance your language skills; Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. OET Online training is an individual-based one-on-one training. Each student is provided with an expert trainer for up to 22 hours. The trainer conduct sessions at the candidate's convenient time. Individual attention and support make it the most effective training on the online platform.


• Free Demo Classes

• Complementary Language Training Sessions

• One to one session

• Experienced Faculties

• Flexibility in choosing online class 

• Updated Materials

• Daily Writing and Speaking Corrections

• Experienced Faculties

• Free Mock tests

• Exam Booking Assistance

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